Dear Patients!
We are delighted to inform you that The Fertility and Gynaecology Centre VitroLive has now joined The Fertility Partnership’s international network of fertility clinics. We are the second entity in Poland invited to sign an agreement on fertility and join an alliance of carefully selected institutions that provide patients with a proven standard of top quality procedures, effective treatment methods and support during the entire treatment journey. We strongly believe that the new and complementary structure of our organisations will allow us to take advantage of our mutual achievements and expertise.

The Fertility Partnership (TFP) is currently one of the largest groups bringing together fertility clinics in Europe. The core values guiding its members are closely aligned with our own vision and include providing dedicated care to patients, unquestionable professionalism, a great passion for our work, trust and confidence as well as working towards development and innovation in the treatment process. The TFP group is an alliance of active and constantly evolving organisations thriving to motivate each other to achieve the best possible results. The current partnership brings together nine members from Great Britain, one Polish clinic, Centrum Medyczne Macierzyństwo, based in the Małopolskie province and over twenty other satellite clinics. Bringing in the Szczecin based VitroLive clinic will mean an even stronger and competitive alliance.

The founder of VitroLive, Prof Rafał Kurzawa emphasises the new treatment possibilities for patients: “Thanks to the combination of the medical and scientific expertise brought in by VitroLive and the international potential, skills and infrastructure offered by The Fertility Partnership we can expect unique synergies and immediate positive influences on our medical and operational activities as well as future development opportunities. We will increase our presence in the European market and also broaden our activities with regards to access to modern technologies, which has always been a strong part of our identity.”

Dr Anna Janicka, Director for Quality Control and Development at VitroLive, adds: “The accession talks setting out the conditions for VitroLive’s membership in The Fertility Partnership lasted for almost a year. We are currently in the phase of integrating the management systems as well as implementing a common development strategy. The VitroLive management board representatives, our colleagues in the administration and quality management departments as well as the medical personnel are involved in this process. We are about to commence our work based on new principles which will translate directly into more tangible advantages for our patients.”

What does the inclusion of VitroLive into the international structures of The Fertility Partnership mean on a practical level? The inclusion of our clinic in the TFP agreement will guarantee that the standards of the offered services will be verified by systems of supervision and control developed in the course of the 35 years of the agreement’s existence. Every person deciding to take advantage of VitroLive’s assistance can be therefore sure that they have chosen a credible partner backed by multicentre expertise and a well-established code of ethics. The Fertility Partnership members use state of the art information technology for assisted reproduction which will naturally bring them closer to the current and future VitroLive patients.

Dear Patients, we are happy to be entering a new stage of our journey under the umbrella of the The Fertility Partnership! To find out more, please visit