Contemporary medical evidence shows that age is the most important determining factor for female fertility. Women not actively trying for a baby due to their personal circumstances (e.g. no partner), but who are conscious of the role age plays in the reproductive process and wish for a family in the future, have the option of considering measures to prevent future fertility problems.

Cancer treatment also carries a risk of fertility loss, especially in women of reproductive age. There are references to the so called “oncofertility” in literature, i.e. the preservation or protection of fertility in female cancer patients. This is however not only limited to patients of reproductive age undergoing cancer treatments adversely affecting fertility or even damaging it permanently, but also men in treatment for certain tumours (e.g. cancers of the testes, prostate or lymphomas). For them it is also advisable to undertake steps towards preserving their fertility and thus fulfilling the dream of having a family after completing the treatment.

At VitroLive, we offer the possibility of freezing gametes — semen as well as egg cells — for their future use. At our clinic, we use the most innovative freezing methods (including vitrification), allowing us to secure the quality of the material and increase the effectiveness of fertilisation.

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