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Patient Portal – VitroLive

The Patient Portal allows you to have your own online account and access messages from the VitroLive clinic, results and documents relating to your treatment with us. You will be able to view your treatment calendar as the stages are confirmed as well as your upcoming appointments. The Portal will let you complete registration and medical history details in digital format so that the visits at VitroLive are smoother and more effective. The Portal can be found at portal.vitrolive.pl.

After the phone registration each patient will have their own personalised log-in details for the portal and whilst these are originally set up by VitroLive. We recommend you log in and change these to something chosen by you. If you forget your username/password at any point, don’t worry as these can be easily reset.

How do I gain access?

After the first phone registration to our clinic, you should have been sent emails regarding the patient portal at your first point of contact. The first email will have asked you to verify your name and DOB to allow us to confirm we have the correct email address. Once we received a response to this email, we will have sent you a second email confirming your log-in details.

If you did not receive this email or would like us to send it again, please call us at the clinic on +48 91 88 69 260 or contact us by the online questionaire available here. This will allow us to double-check your email address and start the account registration process.

Logging in

Once you have entered the username and password provided to you, this will allow you to access the portal and all its features. We recommend that at first log-in, you change your password to something more memorable. To do this, select the ‘Details’ button on the homepage of the Patient Portal, then select ‘My details’. The places that need to be changed are at the end of the site, in the “Email and password” section. To change them, you have to select “Edit” button . When the proper password is set, please accept it by clicking on “Save” button.

At this stage, you should check all of your details, including spelling and ensure they are correct. To change them please press “Edit” button. Please make sure you select ‘Save’ to confirm and save any changes.

Visit our Patient Portal!