The most important factors impacting of fertility include:

  • Biology
  • Lifestyle
  • Environment
  • Health.

Regular intercourse is also very important:

  • An abstinence period of more than 5 days can have a negative impact on the sperm count.
  • In men with normal sperm parameters the concentration and motility of sperm remains stable even when ejaculating daily.
  • After prolonged sexual abstinence (10 days or longer) the sperm parameters start decreasing in quality.
  • The highest fertility indicator (up to 37%/cycle) is achieved through daily intercourse. Intercourse every second day has a comparable chance of pregnancy (33%). In cases of intercourse once a week, the chances fall to 15%.

The smoking of cigarettes is certainly a factor impacting negatively on fertility. Consuming too much alcohol and caffeine is also a bad lifestyle choice.

Please remember that the time required to achieve fertilisation increases with age.