This examination involves viewing the uterine cavity and fallopian tubes using x-ray. The picture of the uterine cavity and of the fallopian tubes is obtained by introducing a contrast medium through woman’s reproductive tract.

The examination allows for the assessment of the shape of the uterine cavity, of any abnormalities of its mucous membrane (endometrium) as well as an assessment of the patency and shape of the fallopian tubes and lesions of the uterine appendages. The examination is performed in order to diagnose or determine precisely the existing disorder.
– Infertility diagnostics, regarding fallopian tubes patency control and exclusion of uterine cavity abnormalities.
– The assessment of the effectiveness of fallopian tubes patency treatment.
– Suspicion of cervical incompetence in case of impossibility to carry the baby to full term

The examination is performed upon the doctor’s indication.

The day before the exam it is recommended to have a light dinner. Before the exam, the patient is given analgesics and relaxants. You should report the date of your last period, possible allergies to contrast media and during the exam inform about any sudden events, such as pain, dyspnoea, nausea. The exam follows the menstruation, it is performed in the first phase of the cycle, up to the 10th-12th cycle day on average. It is not performed during menstruation, even in case of light bleeding. Usually the examination lasts 20 minutes. Upon finishing, the patient should remain under professional medical care for two hours.