The effectiveness of IVF treatment depends on many factors which include: infertility and its duration, Patients’ clinical situation age, BMI, style of life, etc. In VitroLive, before starting any ART procedure, it is a standard to define the probability of becoming pregnant for every couple in order to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment. According to data of Fertility and Infertility Group in Polish Gynaecological Society (SPiN PTG), the average effectiveness of treatment in Poland, compering to other European countries, is high.

Cited clinical pregnancy rate based on each new treatment cycle for IVF/ICSI is 33.7%, and – based on the puncture and transfer – respectively, 34.5% and 39.6% (data from 2012). For comparison, in Europe, these indicators are as follow: 28.9% (based on the puncture of the ovaries) and 32.4% (based on the transfer of embryos) (data from 2010).

As a responsible and transparent team of specialists we voluntarily report our results to the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) within the European IVF Monitoring report (EIM). According to our numbers, we can ensure that approx. 40% of couples who treat themselves in VitroLive get clinical pregnancy confirmed by USG tests within a single cycle of treatment.