I have just completed a tubal patency test at the private clinic in Szczecin at ul. Kasprzaka 2 in the care of Dr Sienkiewicz. I’m pleased to say that everything was very fast, smooth and painfree. The whole treatment lasted approx. one hour, including the administration of painkillers, testing with the contrast agent and collecting the test results. It cost me a handsome PLN 500, but it was money well spent to avoid distress. Usually, the conditions in hospitals are a nightmare!!!! Women are writing about this in different internet forums. Dr Sienkiewicz has a heart of gold, he is very down to earth and matter-of-fact, but most importantly, very patient-friendly. // Karolina
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Although I’m not pregnant yet, I firmly believe that it’s going to happen in the end with the help of my doctor and I can recommend him without reservations.

About Prof. Rafał Kurzawa
Mr Wojciech Głąbowski has an individual approach to each patient and despite health problems, he knows how to reassure his patients and encourage them to fight on. He is very competent and highly knowledgeable and therefore able to explain everything in detail. Until now, I have been dealing with doctors for whom I was just another patient, whereas with him, I feel that he is willing to help. After an appointment with him, I can’t imagine having a different doctor. I can recommend him wholeheartedly.
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